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How To Play

Using just one suit is a great way to get started with Spider Solitaire.

The number one rule to remember is you can only move a card on top of another that is one point higher in value.

For example, the 2 of Spades can be placed on the 3 of Spades.

The Ace of Spades can then be placed on the 2 of Spades because aces are considered the lowest value in this solitaire game.

More than one card can be moved at the same time if they are all in sequence.

For example, when the Jack, 10 and 9 of Spades are on top of each other, then all 3 can be moved at the same time onto a Queen.

You can fill an empty column with any card.

When you can no longer move any cards then click the stock pile in the top left to deal new cards.

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