How I started my website and how you can too

How I created this website

So, how did I create this website...?

The benefits of creating your own blog:

Getting Your Website Online

I need three things to run this website

Registering a Domain

Before doing anything else, you need to decide on a good name for your new website and buy your .Com (or .Net or .Org etc). The right domain name is crucial on today's internet. It's the first thing people see when they go to visit your site, and nothing beats a great first impression.

How I come up with the name for my domains is simply by trying to find a suitable description of what the site is about. So for example, is about going to play a game of solitaire.

I would try and go for a .Com because they are the most popular and easiest to remember.

To register your domain, you need to find a good domain registrar. I used for my solitaire site. They're an established domain registrar and have a very straightforward checkout process. They are meant to have excellent customer service but to be honest I haven't had any issues that I've needed to contact them about yet. So far I'm very happy with them. A domain will cost you about $10 a year and is one of the most important things to get right.

Getting Your Website Online

How to Host Your Website on the Internet

You're on my website reading some text at the moment, in order for this to be happening, I have to host it on a web server so that people can come and visit. It’s quite straightforward, you hire some space on a server for around $5 a month which allows you to put your files on it and then wait for hundreds and thousands of people to come and visit it.

I'm using SiteGround for my solitaire site and I can highly recommend them because they have live support 24/7 with people who will always be happy to assist you with issues you may have.

The data transfer allowance, also known as as "traffic" or "bandwidth", is the number of bytes transferred from your site to visitors when they browse your site.

You probably shouldn't believe any web host that advertises unlimited bandwidth. They usually find a way to redefine unlimited to be limited in some way.

While the bandwidth provided by the hosting company is something you should always compare, do not be swayed by claims of incredibly huge amounts of bandwidth. In all likelihood your website won't ever use anywhere near that amount.

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